Wednesday, February 4, 2015

UPDATE: 04 FEB 2014

Your first response paper will be due at the beginning of our class session on Monday, 09 February. For this paper, you will select a single passage from either chapter one, two, or three that you found compelling.

Once you select a quote, you will need to a) explain in your own words what Mitchell means, b) articulate why you think it is interesting, c) address the implications and outcomes of this quote on text/image hybrids, and d) raise a series of critical questions that stem from the quotation and could be used to pursue a more expansive line of research.

You paper will be two full pages (not one and half, etc), using one-inch margins. Your font must be 12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman. In the top, right-hand corner you will type your name (no other identify information is necessary). You will also need an illustrative/relevant title. The response should be free of grammatical and typographical errors.

I would also suggest that you take, at very at least, a cursory look at the guidelines for proper source integration at Purdue University's OWL site. Improper citation methods and formatting will result in a lower overall score on your response.

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